Can a Sorority Lead to Social and Academic Success?

Freshman year of college can be a nerve racking experience for many young girls going away for the first time. There are many stresses that are put onto freshman girls, such as social stress which consists of what group do you belong in, academic stress, and relationship stress. Stress can cause many anxieties for college freshman, especially if you do not know how to deal with them. You may be thinking that joining a sorority would only add to all these stresses, and would actually do you no good in the long run. Pledging a sorority takes a lot of dedication and time which can be stressful at times, but in the end you will get more out of it than you put in. Joining a sorority can actually help freshman girls achieve high grades, make many new friends, and gain lifelong connections.

Despite the bad stigmas associated with sororities there are numerous benefits that can help almost any freshman girl with college success. College freshman girls are faced with mounting pressure by both parents and professors to do well in their classes, but this can be hard when social anxiety is often present. Sororities are required at many schools to participate in library hours, which allow the girls as a collective to help each other out with homework or for an upcoming exam. Most national sororities have strict GPA requirements that unless followed would put the low grading individual on probation; however sororities have more resources than the average student has for extra academic help.

Social anxiety is a huge stress causer for many freshman girls. When going away to college students will have to make new friends, and join new social scenes. During the sorority pledge process girls will bond with their pledge sisters, which will in turn, help them become best friends by the end of the process. Sororities are good at taking people from many different backgrounds and making lifelong friends of them; often times these are people that you may not have met otherwise. Having a multitude of friends at college is great when experiencing any hardship or academic faults. Sororities offer the support that is needed for freshman girls to get over any social anxiety. Having a whole host of supportive friends in a sorority can relieve some of the stress that is associated with the college social scene.

Finding the right group to belong to is an important part of college life; unlike high school you can restart yourself anew with a different social scene. Sororities offer lifelong friendships, academic support, and an entirely new social scene. Sororities also put on many different events that can help any college freshman girl get involved at their college or university without any anxiety.

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